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As a cloud architect, I bring these same design principles I use in building complex, global, cloud systems to the development of these wee plugins: simplicity, ease of use and delivery of business value
Each plugin is designed for a simple purpose. And to execute that goal effectively and efficiently. No more no less.
Everybody loves the easy button. Nobody wants to read the manual. Just make a few clicks and we're done and good to go.
A plugin should save you time, extend you reach, get you better placing in Google,  reduce you costs or help boost your revenue.
Architecting for AWS cloud involves consideration of the five pillars shown below.

However these principles  can be applied successfully to building any software solution:

- Operational Excellence - ensure the plugins add business values and are easy to operate

- Security - first priority is secure code and privacy of data

- Reliability - thorough testing to ensure accuracy and reliability and ease of recovery after failure

- Performance Efficiency - concise fast code that only loads and runs when it needs too

- Cost Optimization - Make efficient use of resources to minimize costs
Russell Jamieson

A Cloud Architect Who Writes Plugins

Russell problem solves big systems for large enterprises, using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. But he likes to write WordPress plugins too.  

Originally this was to help his wife Liz and her WordPress clients. Involved at the technical end of blue chip software development for 30 years, you benefit from someone who really understands code.